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Many time we mess up things with keeping high on expectations.

Keep it low, don’t rush 

and accept the truth.



No we were not born together,                 Not on the same date or day

We were linked from the heaven,connected with blood.               Our fairy mother bore us to earth.         We have been bonded with a common cord.                                                                 We together have are father, our Heroic angel.

May be not much to share,but…

I remember the time you screwed me up.Hiding my favourite doll and pulling my hair.

You annoyed me the most.

You are the one whom i was most worried about in the school.                   That little boy with curly hair all messed up with dust from the football ground.

My little “Messed MESSI”

The one who slept in the bus way back to home

The one for which i cried the most.

May be sometimes in front of you, after you teased me.

And may be sometimes behind you,when you were not around and i missed you.

Yes, you are the man whom i loved the most after our hero our papa.

You are my first child whom i have seen grown up tidy and now turned all into a handsome man.

Yes ! You my Brother

Sending you loads of blessings and wishes.

I have a bad handwriting, so not typing it all..just to tell you that you are not alone.

We both are mad .


                             – Your’s 



Endless crap

Chit chat ..chit chit…chiti chiTi chat..chi chi chi…

No its not a bird chirping..its the subway…

I can only hear noise and see crowd.

Noise is not the presence of is beacause they have splitting crap, negativity all over.

Talking bullshit..bitching around..full of overloaded stressed vibes..

Spreading all over

And noise is un bearable to me.

Bad people bad things bad smell pisses you off.

They got real shit to spread on other asses.move on guys get something worth to spread, you have good things too.


Marriage a beautiful bond for life….

But the meaning of the whole word become horror,when it happens for wrong.Specially when you are forced to get married to someone whom you just saw..

Get married because you are getting older,get married because your parents wants you to.

Does this all justify living or rather killing yourself for some stranger.That single thought gives shiver in the spine.

I cant marry,just because the society thinks i should get.

I cant marry just beacause my parents wants me to.

I cant marry just beacause iam growing older.

I want to marry, only when ill find someone worth taking chance for.Just a simple thing …it matters a lot.

Marry ..not when others say…Marry when you find someone and you are ready for it.

Shine Strong

We sit,
We talk,
We laugh,
around the nuisance,we have created.

We live a fake life
with everyone there faking good.

No one dares to be themselves,
A huge chunk of jealousy is
wobbling around.
Haters overshadow
Fear overshadows.

Not your fear,its their fear of
your genious mind, your creativity and
Fear of your enchanting smile.

Let the glowing aura of your winning smile rule the world.

Let yourself shine as strong as sun and as soothing as moon.



The one who has it, certainly is special.

In any case..if you breathe and feel are special.I dream with wide open eyes and feel the beauty of life.

Beauty in sunshine, beauty in people in trees in birds and dogs.

Just because i find them dreamers too.

Every dream has a story, every painting has a story, every song, every dance and every smile has a story.

I have a story too.

I dream beacause, i have seen the pain.i would like to live the happiness in that pain.i dream of making it better, i dream of keeping others happy..

Iam live a happy life.coz i live my dreams.

You may say, Iam a Dreamer…..and iam not the only one

Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

No matter how much i try ..its beeen a year since things changed..but time has become still for me …more over like a stagnant water…

I still look for you you madly …i try find you in people in places and in memories…iam strong but in deep inside iam devastated…

Either come and erase all bad memories..or come back to never go and to never leave me again.


The Nightsky..ill rather call ..i love the way stars and moonlight sprinkles on the dark blue sky in night…feels like a huge sheet spread all over.

The night sky is beautiful…speacially when you see stars shining and the moon glowing.

Yes,sometimes our lives become the same dark sky ..all dark sadness and no sight.

But you have to find your own stars till your life shines bright with the milky glory of moon..

We all have up and downs in life..but we need to remain hopeful and find light in darkness.

Our only hope is to hope and keep trying.

Image courtesy: Myself 😁

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