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Shine Strong

We sit,
We talk,
We laugh,
around the nuisance,we have created.

We live a fake life
with everyone there faking good.

No one dares to be themselves,
A huge chunk of jealousy is
wobbling around.
Haters overshadow
Fear overshadows.

Not your fear,its their fear of
your genious mind, your creativity and
Fear of your enchanting smile.

Let the glowing aura of your winning smile rule the world.

Let yourself shine as strong as sun and as soothing as moon.



Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

No matter how much i try ..its beeen a year since things changed..but time has become still for me …more over like a stagnant water…

I still look for you you madly …i try find you in people in places and in memories…iam strong but in deep inside iam devastated…

Either come and erase all bad memories..or come back to never go and to never leave me again.

Yes, I Survived

And you are inside it….inside the core of tornado.

Was standing there and suddenly everything was in gravity..
things were destroying..air was killing everything..chaos and pain…all above head…i was not able to  see anything..everything happened before I realized or understood it…
Panic, pain, trash…while the torando came.

And see then the peace came..everything settled and seemed calm…oh that heavenly feeling.
But wasn’t over yet..then why this peace and calmness…

you are actually just in middle of it.the hell of trash is still left to hurt and destroy you.
It was there when u least thought about it.

But, hey you…i survived the torando …i survived the rash the air the pain the everything….
Yes, I Survived.

Self Worth

Recently I have been struggling a lot exploring my creative expertise.
Been working from long and feels good enough aBout what i draw or paint.
But have been facing many criticisms.Don’t know why but still not many people like it,and I don’t understand why.I feel as if not many understands my point of view or whatever.
But honestly from deep inside like a stubborn child i know what i do, and i like it.
The important thing is “i like it”,no matter what people think i have a strong belief in my work,my designs,my sketches,my paintings.
And i know one day people will realise it worth…as i know and pretty much realised my Self Worth..
And I’m thankful to god for letting me believe in myself.

Dreaming of light


Sometimes its good to express at which you are best.So i painted and wrote it….Expressed words and colors.


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My Sun & Stars….


Be it chilling winter,

Be it scorching summers,

Or be it wild rain,

Remember ill never let you be in pain..


If I said I have loved u,

I mean it I loved u…


Chose you despite knowing,

The thick n thin,

The truth or sin….


Ill stand by all the lows..

If by chance they overcome  me to seek you…only if ill let them come.


May be iam not strong enough for myself..

But ill be a shield for you

My Sun & Stars….

Get up and dance

Hey you look upset…why are you so low….you know i have somethingto tell you..don’t be a bore girl…

Like he said..u still have those rosy cheeks… U glow like gold… U got that little plump waist and those round butts wave away hearts…

Who cares you are fuller by size…but you are having way larger heart and a way brighter smile…boys are falling for just one look..

Men half of ur age are even going mad about you…you go girl…you still drive them crazy …

So you better get up dance….



We have many moments to grow and fly away..but back there we little birdies should not forget,we have a family…who love us..our parents who lives for us…

we have been getting immense support by our parents,who are waiting outside a home made by them..with their love and dreams..where they let their child learn thr basics of life and provide and shower all possible happiness..they wont mind taking away their dreams just to make us what we want…they’ll have sleepless nights to let us fall asleep and see dreams…i miss my parents every time iam away from them…I miss my home…i miss my cat my dog…

evrytime i breathe i breathe for my family…my happiness is meant by them meant for them …iam hopelessly in love with them…i want to make them proud..i want to be a better human as i grow and be like them…

I believe the only supreme power we can see is our parents and heaven is there where they stay…bless them

I want to be with them all my life ..i want to bear all pain n sorrows just to make them smile..

Teri laadki main, chodungi na tera hath

Born Free


What i am born for?

to love or to lie,

to live or to die…

I should do things there way?

or should i make my own way??

Life has come up with many responsibilities,

with a little sense of self abilities.

Every time i am stucked to do things the way people say,

but this is not me,may be i am not as crazy..

I want to live the way …

I want…

My green path

My sunshine

My shadow

My chirping birds

My rain….

and so on…

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