Experience me life

Yes, I Survived

And you are inside it….inside the core of tornado.

Was standing there and suddenly everything was in gravity..
things were destroying..air was killing everything..chaos and pain…all above head…i was not able to  see anything..everything happened before I realized or understood it…
Panic, pain, trash…while the torando came.

And see then the peace came..everything settled and seemed calm…oh that heavenly feeling.
But wasn’t over yet..then why this peace and calmness…

you are actually just in middle of it.the hell of trash is still left to hurt and destroy you.
It was there when u least thought about it.

But, hey you…i survived the torando …i survived the rash the air the pain the everything….
Yes, I Survived.


Self Worth

Recently I have been struggling a lot exploring my creative expertise.
Been working from long and feels good enough aBout what i draw or paint.
But have been facing many criticisms.Don’t know why but still not many people like it,and I don’t understand why.I feel as if not many understands my point of view or whatever.
But honestly from deep inside like a stubborn child i know what i do, and i like it.
The important thing is “i like it”,no matter what people think i have a strong belief in my work,my designs,my sketches,my paintings.
And i know one day people will realise it worth…as i know and pretty much realised my Self Worth..
And I’m thankful to god for letting me believe in myself.

Are you trying??

There are days when you feel extremely low.Pissed off with every small thing.

Crave for space and being not much practical you end up comforting people than yourself.

But sometimes its really important for you to work hard and get out off that mess,which has been created in your mind.I know its sickening..but what worse it can get in your head then this.

Is survival for the fittest a correct thing..yes it is.Modesty is good…but do all deserve that expression.

Dreaming of light


Sometimes its good to express at which you are best.So i painted and wrote it….Expressed words and colors.


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Angel in my life

Its been almost more than a year since I got my baby home..time passed so quickly..she grew from a small kitten to a mother of four

Still remember the first time I saw her…three ball of cotton inside the empty room behind the doors..i could hear the meow…and then saw her mother coming out of the room and escorting us towards them


Still remember the moment I saw was unbelievable and surprising…

And out of three Laila was the most active one..she ran backwards towards the wall just to escape thinking us as a threat..


And then we three friend took them to our room…wondering what to do with them

No body thought of the idea of keeping them with letting them in the city is much horrifying..

My parents were out of town.

So with their permission getting a cat at home was not easy..still something inside me pushed to do it…called my brother and he said get her home lets see what we can do..and I was quite happy….

Another challenge was how to carry her home far away near 40 kms in public transportation…so thought of private question was.

Hi will I carry her..took a shoe box and got her inside..Laila has to make a journey with me..her one brother with another friend and sis n mommy with another…

This is how we thought of making there lives better…and that’s how the journey started….



My Sun & Stars….


Be it chilling winter,

Be it scorching summers,

Or be it wild rain,

Remember ill never let you be in pain..


If I said I have loved u,

I mean it I loved u…


Chose you despite knowing,

The thick n thin,

The truth or sin….


Ill stand by all the lows..

If by chance they overcome¬† me to seek you…only if ill let them come.


May be iam not strong enough for myself..

But ill be a shield for you

My Sun & Stars….

I have learnt

I have learnt how strong one has to become in this big bad world.No matter what you do…no matter how good you are…all it matters is how well you show it off.
Which describe as the Art of Pretention.Few people never need to work hard to achieve this.and trust me iam struggling hard without this trait….and honestly iam sticking to my principles more than anything…
No matter how much the situation wants to break me…ill go much stronger than ever before..
Because you know how hard people and situations try to pull you back…you definitely move forward much stronger and positive.

Living Memories

Iam living that every single moment..which i never wanted to live..that lane..where while coming out,i could see you waiting for me..
The moment when i used to see very first impression of you used to make me speechless…i remember waiting for you and getting frustrated thinking of not talking to you…but your only appearance and a look melted me…
I was hard as wax but u melted me with the fire you had inside…i tried to be strong…but felt for you without any struggle…
These volcano of emotions are making me much feared of myself..iam not able to get over with every single moment which has become a memory for me…
Wanted to live these moments together..unfortunately i have remember them as memories alone..

Hampered trust


We have many people around whom we get involved and connect deeply as one soul…your father mother a friend and sometimes a stranger…but does that mean you should confide yourself to them to the whole…what if someone whom you have trusted completely turned out to be the biggest’ll literally have no base under your feet…

Its such a horrible feeling to see the one whom you trusted the most loved the most..and he becomes someone who back stabs you.

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