No we were not born together,                 Not on the same date or day

We were linked from the heaven,connected with blood.               Our fairy mother bore us to earth.         We have been bonded with a common cord.                                                                 We together have are father, our Heroic angel.

May be not much to share,but…

I remember the time you screwed me up.Hiding my favourite doll and pulling my hair.

You annoyed me the most.

You are the one whom i was most worried about in the school.                   That little boy with curly hair all messed up with dust from the football ground.

My little “Messed MESSI”

The one who slept in the bus way back to home

The one for which i cried the most.

May be sometimes in front of you, after you teased me.

And may be sometimes behind you,when you were not around and i missed you.

Yes, you are the man whom i loved the most after our hero our papa.

You are my first child whom i have seen grown up tidy and now turned all into a handsome man.

Yes ! You my Brother

Sending you loads of blessings and wishes.

I have a bad handwriting, so not typing it all..just to tell you that you are not alone.

We both are mad .


                             – Your’s