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Marriage a beautiful bond for life….

But the meaning of the whole word become horror,when it happens for wrong.Specially when you are forced to get married to someone whom you just saw..

Get married because you are getting older,get married because your parents wants you to.

Does this all justify living or rather killing yourself for some stranger.That single thought gives shiver in the spine.

I cant marry,just because the society thinks i should get.

I cant marry just beacause my parents wants me to.

I cant marry just beacause iam growing older.

I want to marry, only when ill find someone worth taking chance for.Just a simple thing …it matters a lot.

Marry ..not when others say…Marry when you find someone and you are ready for it.


Shine Strong

We sit,
We talk,
We laugh,
around the nuisance,we have created.

We live a fake life
with everyone there faking good.

No one dares to be themselves,
A huge chunk of jealousy is
wobbling around.
Haters overshadow
Fear overshadows.

Not your fear,its their fear of
your genious mind, your creativity and
Fear of your enchanting smile.

Let the glowing aura of your winning smile rule the world.

Let yourself shine as strong as sun and as soothing as moon.


Yes, I Survived

And you are inside it….inside the core of tornado.

Was standing there and suddenly everything was in gravity..
things were destroying..air was killing everything..chaos and pain…all above head…i was not able to  see anything..everything happened before I realized or understood it…
Panic, pain, trash…while the torando came.

And see then the peace came..everything settled and seemed calm…oh that heavenly feeling.
But wasn’t over yet..then why this peace and calmness…

you are actually just in middle of it.the hell of trash is still left to hurt and destroy you.
It was there when u least thought about it.

But, hey you…i survived the torando …i survived the rash the air the pain the everything….
Yes, I Survived.

Angel in my life

Its been almost more than a year since I got my baby home..time passed so quickly..she grew from a small kitten to a mother of four

Still remember the first time I saw her…three ball of cotton inside the empty room behind the doors..i could hear the meow…and then saw her mother coming out of the room and escorting us towards them


Still remember the moment I saw was unbelievable and surprising…

And out of three Laila was the most active one..she ran backwards towards the wall just to escape thinking us as a threat..


And then we three friend took them to our room…wondering what to do with them

No body thought of the idea of keeping them with letting them in the city is much horrifying..

My parents were out of town.

So with their permission getting a cat at home was not easy..still something inside me pushed to do it…called my brother and he said get her home lets see what we can do..and I was quite happy….

Another challenge was how to carry her home far away near 40 kms in public transportation…so thought of private question was.

Hi will I carry her..took a shoe box and got her inside..Laila has to make a journey with me..her one brother with another friend and sis n mommy with another…

This is how we thought of making there lives better…and that’s how the journey started….



Hampered trust


We have many people around whom we get involved and connect deeply as one soul…your father mother a friend and sometimes a stranger…but does that mean you should confide yourself to them to the whole…what if someone whom you have trusted completely turned out to be the biggest’ll literally have no base under your feet…

Its such a horrible feeling to see the one whom you trusted the most loved the most..and he becomes someone who back stabs you.



Being spiritual means connecting with some kind of supreme power in your own way…

making your self a clean human from inside..makes it possible

sometimes helping someone makes it

feeding a hungry man makes it

that is how u connect with your soul…

what are you searching outside is all fake…find it inside 🙂

I wonder why …

At times i end up writing not children rhymes…just things i feel and go through comes as in a rhythmic flow…

I feel we all have those quest going inside…we just need to let it out…talk it sing it dance …write it whatever…just express…otherwise you’ll also Wonder why….

I look up into the sky

and wonder why…!!

Why things have been created

if they’ll be destroyed..

This wind is not

letting me breathe

and the sunshine is not

letting me sleep

I look up into the sky

and wonder why ??

Why things have been made

why it is always unsaid…

They say that someone there up in the sky

just playing with our emotions , don’t know why….

I look up into the sky

and wonder why..??

Iam worried about the people around me

Iam worried about my mom dad cat and puppy…

Why all have been so deeply connected??

If everything has to be regenerated…

I wonder why

even with closed eyes ….

i wonder… why….!!!

My Cat my Therapist

She knows exactly where it hurts…and she gives me that healing massage ..which we generally call purring..where a cat constantly act as if she is vibrating.
She exactly presses and pushes where i feel the pain.may be she is trying to heal it…beti (11)

The Book

We say, don’t judge a book by its cover.. But I say, do whatever you want to do, as this book is without a name. Standing lost, lonely and the happiest in the forgotten darkest corner of the shelf, without any complaints or regrets.. Just standing alone and living the serendipity .tumblr_static_beautiful-book-cute-fashion-flowe-favim_com-121425

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