Its been almost more than a year since I got my baby home..time passed so quickly..she grew from a small kitten to a mother of four

Still remember the first time I saw her…three ball of cotton inside the empty room behind the doors..i could hear the meow…and then saw her mother coming out of the room and escorting us towards them


Still remember the moment I saw was unbelievable and surprising…

And out of three Laila was the most active one..she ran backwards towards the wall just to escape thinking us as a threat..


And then we three friend took them to our room…wondering what to do with them

No body thought of the idea of keeping them with letting them in the city is much horrifying..

My parents were out of town.

So with their permission getting a cat at home was not easy..still something inside me pushed to do it…called my brother and he said get her home lets see what we can do..and I was quite happy….

Another challenge was how to carry her home far away near 40 kms in public transportation…so thought of private question was.

Hi will I carry her..took a shoe box and got her inside..Laila has to make a journey with me..her one brother with another friend and sis n mommy with another…

This is how we thought of making there lives better…and that’s how the journey started….